Natural Play: The Hair Care Tray

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Today, we are bringing you a new, and quite necessary learning tray.  The Bug and I left the kitchen for more pressing Personal Care matters.  Mr. Big Daddy Mac, the Bug's papa, has been unhappy most recently at our child's lack of hair washing abilities.  The Bug is equally discontented.  She does not want Daddy to wash her hair, "He's not good with the soap, Mom."  Whilst Mr. Mac's complaint is, "She is old enough to do it herself."  Time for some conflict resolution betwixt father and daughter, Answer:  Super mom and her Tray to the rescue.

Hair Care can tend to be an enormous task in our home . . .Okay, perhaps not enormous as some - like my friend Smockity Frocks with 6 girls who require hair maintenance.  Let's just say our process in caring for our hair may be a little bit looooonger a process than others.  Long hair x 3 Ladies = Lots of vacuuming!

Materials Needed:
Shampoo and Conditioner (if you use it, we don't)
Hair styling products (if you use, we don't)
Hair clips, barrettes, headbands, etc.
Blow dryer

Here the Squeaker is demonstrating brushing for the Bug.  See how helpful older kids can be? ; )

1.  Teach your child dry brushing techniques first.  We teach the following: Brushing from the top to bottom, Counting to 100 while brushing hair, Brush hair with head pointed down from the nape of the neck to brush out dirt and particles, How to part hair while dry.

2.  Explain the shampooing process in your home.  Example:  Wet hair, Shampoo, Rinse, Repeat  . . .   Use clear, easy to follow instructions.  Try to make this process less than 4 steps, using points of reference that are age-appropriate.  Example: "Pour a quarter-sized amount of shampoo into your hand."

3.  Now your ready to let them hop in the shower and give it a try.  Great time to review shower safety!
4.  Teach the wet hair parting and brushing method.
5.  Explain and demonstrate how to dry hair.  We did not set her free on this task, but if your child is ready for this responsibility then go for it.
6.  Finally explain a hair style that the child can fix on their own.  The Squeaker demonstrated the sideways braid and the Bug was able to duplicate this.  

Now, everyone is happy . . . for now anyway.  : )
Have some fun banging hair ladies!

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