Nature Notebook Reflections: Constant and Faithful

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Reflections from my Nature Notebook . . . Oh, and there is a FREEBIE at the bottom of this post, so read on please.

Here is a look back at my own Nature Notebook.  I have been so ready to share with my readers about the joy of studying God's creation and equally excited about what can be found in my kid's notebooks.  I have been less than enthusiastic about sharing the content of my own notebook.  In a moment of surrender and in the hopes of becoming more transparent with my readers, here are some sketches and reflections from my own Nature Notebook pages.

From Galveston, TX on Crystal Beach, March 27, 2010 . . . 

"Waves carrying themselves in to the shore,
to and fro the waves continue to go.
The tide comes in and carries it all
away again into the sea.
Consistent and true the motion is
of the wide and brimming ocean.

Yet still, my God, You alone are more
Constant and faithful than all of these.
For Your mighty hands have crafted them all,
The consistent and true motions of your creation have be fashioned by 
You alone."
{Hermit Crab sketches from the Hermit Crab Farm we harvested that day.  Don't worry, we returned them to the ocean.}

{Sketch of a Sandpiper from Crystal Beach, Galveston, TX}

Okay, that was a bit of a leap for this mom.  Thank you for sticking with me!  Here is a thank you for hanging in there . . . a new Nature Study freebie, from me!  Nature Study Notebook Cover Sheets - You can download these and print them out to use in your Nature Study Notebook.  We put ours in sheet protectors (I should take out stock in sheet protectors, just saying) and use them to separate our Notebook studies and sketches by the season.  Enjoy!
---------> Click HERE to download your freebie.

Happy Homeschooling

The Joyful Socks Mom    

Stay tuned to this blog for a super, extra-special, HUGE little secret about one of the Blogging Moms just discussed in this post! :) 

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