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Science Projects?  But we're home educators?  I thought this would end when we stopped using the public school option.

Nope!  Here we go again, another round of Science Fair Projects x 3!

In all seriousness, we love science.  We love the fact that God shows Himself very clearly in His creation.  The kids participated in the local Homeschool Co-op Science Fair fun last week.  Here is what they investigated:

The Squeaker
PROJECT TITLE: Ugh, Dog Germs!
QUESTION: Which on is cleaner a canine's mouth or a human's mouth?
HYPOTHESIS: I think that the canine's mouth is going to be cleaner than the human's.
MATERIALS LIST: Petri dishes, cotton swabs, prepared agar, human saliva & pooch saliva.
CONCLUSION: It appears that my hypothesis was wrong a human's mouth is cleaner that the canine.

The Scout
PROJECT TITLE: Read Light, Green Light!
QUESTION:  Will wheat berries grow faster in colored light or direct sunlight.
HYPOTHESIS:  I think the wheat berries will grow faster in direct sunlight.
MATERIALS LIST: Cracked and cleaned egg shells for planting, colored cellophane, clear cellophane, egg carton, organic wheat berries, potting soil.
CONCLUSION:  It seems my hypothesis was incorrect.  The direct light was growing quicker at first but then the colored light started to grow taller than the direct light seeds.

The Bug

PROJECT TITLE: Butter vs. Margarine
QUESTION:  What will ants choose . . . butter or margarine
HYPOTHESIS:  I think the ants will choose butter because it is healthier for you.
MATERIALS LIST:  Black ants, butter, margarine, paper plates, plastic knife.
CONCLUSION:  The ants will only eat the butter, making my hypothesis correct.  The ants will eat the sweet cream found in the butter.  I think butter is better.
*Notice: No ants were harmed in this experiment.*

The Bug and her Butter Vs. Margarine display

The Scout with Red Light, Green Light plants project

The Squeaker with Ugh, Dog Germs (I should have gotten a close-up of those petri dishes, it would be a great reminder to take care of you teeth by BRUSHING!)

I am so proud of each of the kids.  The ideas belonged to them and the work did too.  They were each winners in my book, of course, I'm the mom!

The winner . . . the Bug!  The Bug took 1st place for her division in the Science Fair and will be advancing to the Regional Science Fair on April 14th!  Great job Bug!

Anybody have some yummy, gooey or disgusting Science brewing this week?  Come and share in the comments about what Science you are cooking up at home.

Happy Homeschooling

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